The woman in me....
I'm not a provider. I'm a companion. I don't do sessions. I enjoy *dates*. If your looking for a provider for a session. Then I'm not the woman for you. If you don't understand the difference between the two. Then I'm certainly not the companion for you.

I'm a MILF.....
Mature Insatiable Lady Friend....there's more to me than just my body!

I'm very opinionated,straightforward. So when it comes to meeting.  I tell it like it is, about (THIS WOMAN) so you have a clear understanding beforehand.  
SO PLEASE do not mistake my being straightforward (throughout my website) as being mean or rude. As the latter is simply not in my personality.  Some men, require the more direct approach than others.    So if your scared of this woman being direct. Then honey I'm not for you. I'm more for the man who gets it and appreciates a woman who's not going to BS of waste his time. I like a woman who likes a woman who speaks her mind. :)


*I don't make myself perfect for you. I make myself Beautiful for me!  I have to embrace me, before I can truly enjoy you!!*

I'm a tall statuesque(5'11 w/o heels),
busty beautiful blue eyed blonde hort pixi style) in my mid 40's with thick solid womanly curves.  
Some men like tall women with the hour glass figure, some men don't.
I prefer to enjoy men who DO! And as mentioned before. I'm not a woman for every man. So please read my site before you contact me.  Because complaining  after the fact, about me NOT being a spinner won't fly!  

I'm a part time companion. I do not hobby on a daily, weekly nor monthly basis.
I have a full time career outside this adult lifestyle of pleasure. My rw career keeps me busy  in town as well as traveling to various cities & states. I never entertain short notice dates. 
I'm a workaholic. I LOVE what I do. It's my passion) so please be considerate and give advance notice if you wish to book a date. 

This enjoyable *adult lifestyle* is MY time to enjoy being with a man (when my real world work schedule permits). So please look forward to the date as much as I crave the intimacy.

I'm a woman who enjoys the scent,touch & kiss of a man.. I love it when a man makes a woman feel beautiful & desirable under his touch & in his presence, W/o words.   Yes don't need words to make a woman feel like that!
Therefore, I prefer to meet & enjoy mature, passionate men of all race & color, who enjoy mature sensual women with womanly curves and well a damn good sense of humor and some sense of intelligence.  After all....I'm a gal who loves FOOTBALL and Golf!  Along with a nice wine and a fine Cigar! 

I absolutely LOVE men with facial hair & hair in the nether region! I have a skin fetish and if you have facial hair (not like ZZ top) but a goatee, 5'0clock  shadow.....then bring it... as my skin will thank you!!

I'm *not* a wham bam thank you ma'am, type of woman.  No sir! That type of guy is not for me!
I don't enjoy dates based on acronyms, scripting nor clock watching.
Nor do I enjoy lazy men in the bedroom whom are all about themselves.  *yep, I just said that!*  Those men are NOT for me!! (those are called sessions which I don't entertain.)  I ENJOY dates as I absolutely enjoy my time with a man!

I enjoy extended dates that entail lunch, dinner,arts & theater, wine tasting and sporting events such as Golf or Football, and of course I love the outdoors/hiking & camping.
As  part of my dates, I enjoy Uninhibited conversations & tasteful yet not limited, PDA. (public display of affection). I'm not shy about holding hands, feeding your sweet lips at the dinner table, leaning in & kissing you...I love to see others watch what they're missing out on!!  I'm known for being a private woman & value discretion 100% where yours & my personal life info is concerned. I Prefer men who value to same. Please keep what info I relay to you, (PRIVATE).  And note: I don't pre-screen for future un-foreseen dates.  As I do not keep info. And pre-screening for un-forseen future dates entails keeping your info. I value discretion. Do you?

So by now you've noticed that I reiterated some things a few times. Had to be repeated So there's NO confusion when we meet.  

Now let's meet and have an amazing time.

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