The woman in me....
I'm not a provider. I'm a companion. I don't do sessions. I enjoy *dates*. If your looking for a provider for a session. Then I'm not the woman for you. If you don't understand the difference between the two. Then I'm certainly not the companion for you.

I'm very opinionated,straightforward & blunt. So when it comes to meeting.  I tell it like it is, about (THIS WOMAN) so you have a clear understanding beforehand.
As I love who I am and beautiful body I have!
So please continue the read....because showing up and saying *Your NO spinner* bs to me, simply won't cut shit 
Sherlock.  I ain't no *spinner* nor do I want to be at my tall height.  

I'm a tall statuesque(5'11),
busty beautiful blue eyed,  short haired brunette(pixi style) in my early 40's with thick solid womanly curves. I'm damn proud of my body. (if your looking for a s SPINNER or a short gal.)  LOOK elsewhere. I'm not the woman for you!!!
Some men like tall women with the hour glass figure, some men don't.
I prefer to enjoy men who DO! And as mentioned before. I'm not a woman for every man. So please read my site before you contact me. wasting my time and yours.

I have a full time career outside this adult lifestyle of pleasure. My rw career keeps me busy traveling to various cities & states so planning/booking in advance is a must. I never entertain short notice (right now) dates.
This enjoyable *adult lifestyle* is MY time to enjoy being with a man (when my work schedule permits).
I'm a woman who enjoys the scent,touch & kiss of a man.. I love it when a man makes a woman feel beautiful & desirable under his touch & in his presence; W/o words.  Therefore,I prefer to meet & enjoy mature, passionate men of all race & color, who enjoy mature women with womanly curves.

I absolutely LOVE men with facial hair & hair in the nether region! I have a skin fetish and if you have facial hair (not like ZZ top) but a goatee, 5'0clock  shadow.....then bring it... as my skin will thank you!!

I'm *not* a wham bam thank you ma'am, type of woman. I don't enjoy dates based on acronyms, scripting nor clock watching nor do I enjoy lazy men in the bedroom whom are all about themselves. (those are called sessions which I don't entertain.)
I enjoy extended dates that entail lunch, dinner,arts & theater, wine tasting and sporting events such as Golf or Football, and of course Harley riding down a country road.   As  part of my dates, I enjoy Uninhibited conversations & tasteful yet not limited, PDA. (public display of affection). I'm not shy about holding hands, feeding your sweet lips at the dinner table, leaning in & kissing you...I love to see others watch what they're missing out on!!  I'm known for being a private woman & value discretion 100% where yours & my personal life info is concerned. I Prefer men who value to same. Please keep what info I relay to you, (PRIVATE).  And note: I don't pre-screen for future un-forseen dates. As I do not keep info. And pre-screening for un-forseen future dates, entails keeping your info. I value discretion. Do you?

DID I mention, I'm NOT a woman for just any man! I'm a woman for that true gentleman who enjoys mature women with curves. That gentleman who enjoys uninhibited sensual passion and whom knows how to make a woman feel beautiful under his touch.  Make sure YOUR that I'm that woman!   This is MY me time to ENJOY adult passion in every aspect!
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