Uninhibited Pleasures


If we've met intimately BCD & you wish to review. Please let me know beforehand, As I do not wish to have personal info. posted.

I ask that you please keep the review tasteful.
below are just (some) of the pleasurable reviews..there's far too many to post.

*I'm not a woman for just any man.*.......... (I decline dates, more than I accept them. As I won't see/enjoy *just* anyone.) 
I'm a woman who truly enjoys a man.....a man who adores/appreciates and desires every aspect about a woman (her mind/Body and soul) and shows her w/o words, with his touch & kiss.... Even if only for a short moment in time.

Those are moments that are treasured.

I travel for my RW job and when the time/opportunity presents itself, I may hobby on the side. If you'd like to see if my work travels take me to your area. Please drop me an email and inquire.

I don't hobby on a regular basis.  I don't let this lifestyle consume me.
thus I don't have day to day/weekly/monthly reviews.

So if you want to meet a companion with abundant reviews. Then I'm not for you.

This adult lifestyle is my ENJOYMENT/PLEASURE. Not my job.

FYI: Please take note:

IF you're wanting to see me based on the Erotic Monkey reviews.

I do NOT reside in CA.  I have NO plans to visit CA anytime in the coming years.

NOR I have been to CA this year.

The reviews on the SCAM site (erotic monkey) are FAKE!

Regardless of how recent /nice they are, or where they supposedly took place.

That site (owner) took photos off my site, some info from my TER profile to use on theirs and started posting

fake reviews/profile to gain traffic.

Beware of that site!!

TER  & ECCIE Reviews
 -DC/VA/MD, Texas, CA, Boston,KC,Vegas, Chicago,Mississippi
BigDoggie Review 
BigDoggie Review




TER doubles with Roxynotroxanne   (in SD)



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http://www.eccie.net/showthread.php?t=546260-San Antonio


The following links below detail various uninhibited adult fun.  These pleasures are NOT for everyone.

If your easily offended and not as open minded/uninhibited. Then don't read them.
As I make NO apologies for the uninhibited pleasures I or others enjoy, in this adult lifes

Uninhibited MMF Pleasure
Uninhibited Golden Showers