There's no limit to what can be enjoyed.
(However, I never have, nor ever will play *dress up as a nurse/teacher/little school girl etc, Nor any type of fantasy role play. I'm not interested in nor turned on by such *scripted fake scenes*.  I don't like scripting my dates. I'm not a pretend actor. If your seeking such. Please look elsewhere for someone to cater to your specific * scripted* fantasy.)

I'm a woman, a lover, a passionate companion. This adult lifestyle is MY time to uninhibitedly ENJOY being with a man or woman.

Of which, I love to take my time enjoying so. I DON'T discuss BCD activities beforehand nor plan in advance as to what will or won't be enjoyed BCD.

So please refrain from asking such questions when contacting me.

EACH Gentleman is different. AND what is ENJOYED BCD is always SPONTANEOUS and NEVER spoken about beforehand.

(FYI- in my minds eye. GFE acronym  is overrated. I don't want to be like your GF/SO (as I'm not them/they're not me).... I want to be ME..the uninhibited woman that I am. With you, the lover that I meet.  
AND- (PSE acronym - In my minds eye, is porn star fake/scripted) if you want fake/scripted passion/moans/companionship etc. Then by all means please look elsewhere. 
I'm all about pure uninhibited, unadulterated pleasure. I won't fake being a woman enjoying a man!!

IF YOU'RE the type of guy who NEEDS to know before meeting. WHAT BCD activies you will be getting or must be getting.

AND or you're not one who's into kissing or touching.

Well, you're NOT the guy I wish to meet.

AS I've stated numerous times throughout my site. I'm selective in whom I wish to meet and I'm not a woman for JUST any man.

I'm about the COMPANIONSHIP & PASSION and I love being spontaneous!



Mature discreet couples age 40 & older or ladies without their S/O present.  (IF your lady has never been with another woman. PLEASE be upfront about it so I can cater to her accordingly and put her at ease.)  In fact, that's when you need to sit back and let me enjoy her beauty while you watch!!

MMF/MFM- bi or straight - Both men must be screened (meet with me first for a one on one date) .  I arrange the MMF & match up the men based on those I've met & each gents personality & sexual desires. (see review page for link). Discretion is important to all parties. Therefore, NO board handles, contact info nor names will ever be given out to either men in said 3sum.
If you *must* know about the other person joining in beyond *I've met/screened and he's a perfect fit*. Then said MMF/MFM enjoyment is not for you. I value the privacy of my dates!


You, another woman,

man & myself.  (however you wish to enjoy your date).

Provided there is (another to join).


I cater to *certain* fetishes.  Such as-

1: GS (see review page for link)

2: Strap on play /male toys ( there will never ever be any judgement made on my part...when it comes to your desires/needs) We're all adults. Unleash your inhibitions and enjoy pure unadulterated pleasure!!


EXTENDED DATES: Lunch , dinner, Black tie events, Sporting events (I'm a football & golf nut) , wine tasting, & extended overnight & weekend dates are welcomed and thoroughly enjoyed. When booking a 2 hour or longer date.

Graphic reviews are ok ONLY If written in a tasteful manner & no personal information is disclosed. Please let me know before writing a review anywhere on the www. So I can make sure my personal data is not disclosed.